Consider. Commit. Comply.

Mission Statement

Eastern Kentucky University’s Colonels Comply is dedicated to furthering EKU’s mission and strategic plan by proactively partnering faculty, staff, students, and administration to promote an institutional culture of compliance by effectively identifying, prioritizing, and managing potential violations of law, regulation, and University policy and procedure and by effectively establishing a controlled environment that reflects the legal, ethical and regulatory scheme in which the University is both expected and obligated to operate.

Guiding Principles

  1. Characterize Colonels Comply as a priority of Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents and President.
  2. Colonels Comply will be implemented and monitored, will be provided adequate administrative autonomy, and will be provided adequate resources to address compliance matters.
  3. The committees formed to implement Colonels Comply will be vested with sufficient authority to implement, assess, and monitor the program.
  4. Perform an assessment to determine the University’s compliance risk profile so that compliance resources, efforts and staff can be devoted to the most significant compliance risks (and which avoids the University using a disproportionate amount of time monitoring low compliance risk areas).
  5. Develop or purchase technological tools or resources that can assist the University with gathering data, monitoring compliance efforts, and measuring the effectiveness of policies and procedures.
  6. Tailor the compliance education and training program to meet the specific needs of University constituencies.
  7. Communicate a clear and consistent message concerning the University’s compliance expectations from the University President and Board of Regents to University constituencies.
  8. Actively encourage compliance through positive reinforcement by providing proactive assistance through Colonels Comply committees; stress that compliance will lessen and not increase employee workload.
  9. Develop compliance policies, procedures, and codes that are clear, concise, and accessible to all University constituencies; include how the University will execute, communicate, implement, and monitor the compliance measures; incorporate the concept of compliance into applicable job descriptions; and hold persons accountable for compliance.

Operating Guidelines


  • Awareness; Ask the questions.


  • Find the resources; Get the answers.


  • Empowered to do the right thing.